Shirt Kong is always keeping an eye out for excited, passionate people to join our crew of graphic designers, sales representatives, screen printers, embroiderers, production assistants and marketing specialists. We love what we do everyday and are looking for people who feel the same way. We offer a great work environment, which includes group health coverage, PTO and paid holidays. If you're interested in applying for a position with us, fill out the form below and email us your resume & cover letter. Thanks!



We are looking for a self-starter who can offer assistance on the fly, but can also complete necessary daily tasks without being asked. Individuals fulfilling this role must be focused, have a great work ethic and possess a solid attention to detail.

Responsibilities/expectations include:

  • Inspecting all prints alongside designers and printers during pre-approvals and final approvals to ensure design placement, ink color and spelling accuracy
  • Ensuring all shirt styles, colors and sizes are accurate
  • Stacking/staging shirts for screen printing
  • Catching printed apparel off the conveyor dryer and packing orders for pickup/shipping 
  • Ensuring all order details are correct before the customer is called for pickup
  • Monitoring any problems while printing (pin holes, lint spots, etc.)
  • Communicating any production issues/delays/questions with staff
  • Understanding/following production procedures (swatching, post-printing, etc.)
  • Providing any necessary assistance to Shirt Kong's Shipping & Receiving department
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work area
  • Working effectively and efficiently with the SK team

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